STILL Trying to get tunneling to work- resolved, and a question

Mike Bernhardt bernhardt at
Mon Feb 1 23:55:10 CET 2010

"It doesn't work" referred to the original question I posted with the same
subject a few weeks ago. At that time I provided debug output. I tried this
configuration with 2.1.7 and 2.1.8 but it "didn't work" in that the request
never left freeradius for the downstream server. After I installed 2.1.4, it
worked  as it should without changing anything else. I will try reinstalling
2.1.8 just for fun and see if it behaves this time. If it doesn't, I'll
stick with 2.1.4 and send you my config files.

As far as status checks, the authentication pings will work fine. I see now
that they only kick in when a server is marked dead. If I can figure out how
to shorten the time before it is marked dead I'll be very satisfied with
that setup.

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Mike Bernhardt wrote:
> Just to clarify my questions:
> If one of the servers I'm proxying to is dead, is there a way to reduce
> number of times freeradius tries before failing over to the next one?

  Read raddb/proxy.conf

> 2. Are there any ways to make this process more efficient, given that
> check currently doesn't work with the downstream servers?

  Since that isn't a given... I'm not sure what else to say.

  Testing for 2.1.8 involved *billions* of packets go through it in
prixying && non-proxying setups, with status checks enabled and
disabled, with home servers going up && down...

  Please be more specific than "it doesn't work".  Many people are using
2.1.8 in similar setups to yours, and they see that it works.

  Alan DeKok.

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