using Oracle with FreeRADIUS - I need a clue

William Bulley web at
Tue Feb 2 17:52:25 CET 2010

When I have used FreeRADIUS in the past, it has been in the traditional
"users" file model - that is, very simplistic installation.  To date, I
have not used FreeRADIUS with Oracle.

Is the Oracle support in FreeRADIUS mature, or developmental, in its
current state?  I cannot determine this answer from a search of the
mailing list archives dating back a couple of years.

In addition to authentication using Oracle, is the Oracle support also
meant for FreeRADIUS configuration, or session logging (accnt, auth,
etc.), or some combination of the above?

If Oracle support in FreeRADIUS is meant to at least include logging
of session records, if RADIUS requests arrive at two FreeRADIUS server
instances (say, primary and backup/failover), say Acct-Start to server
"A" and the corresponding Acct-Stop to server "B" for the same RADIUS
session, would both accounting log records end up in the same Oracle
table (assuming both server "A" and server "B" are configured to send
session logs to an Oracle instance on server "C")?

It has been a while since I used FreeRADIUS, so a pointer to the RTFM
would also be an acceptable answer.  Thanks in advance.



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