using Oracle with FreeRADIUS - I need a clue

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 2 20:29:20 CET 2010

William Bulley wrote:
> Is the Oracle support in FreeRADIUS mature, or developmental, in its
> current state?  I cannot determine this answer from a search of the
> mailing list archives dating back a couple of years.

  Lots of people use it.  Some have 10^6 users.

> In addition to authentication using Oracle, is the Oracle support also
> meant for FreeRADIUS configuration, or session logging (accnt, auth,
> etc.), or some combination of the above?

  All of it, or any combination as you so choose.

> If Oracle support in FreeRADIUS is meant to at least include logging
> of session records, if RADIUS requests arrive at two FreeRADIUS server
> instances (say, primary and backup/failover), say Acct-Start to server
> "A" and the corresponding Acct-Stop to server "B" for the same RADIUS
> session, would both accounting log records end up in the same Oracle
> table (assuming both server "A" and server "B" are configured to send
> session logs to an Oracle instance on server "C")?

  That's a database replication issue, not a FreeRADIUS confi question.

> It has been a while since I used FreeRADIUS, so a pointer to the RTFM
> would also be an acceptable answer.  Thanks in advance.

  Install FreeRADIUS.  Point it to Oracle.  Profit.

  Alan DeKok.

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