rlm_caching with freeradius (2.1.7 or 2.1.8)

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Tue Feb 9 03:46:04 CET 2010

Max Mazur wrote:
> After module was compliled, it can not be loaded.

  How did you compile it?

> Error: /etc/raddb/modules/caching[44]: Failed to link to module
> 'rlm_caching': file not found
> Error: /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default[11]: Failed to find module
> "caching".
> But as far as I can see using strace, file realy exists, and "not found
> error" is "fake" error.

  It's a real error.  It's just that it's not printing out a *useful* error.

  The "file not found" on a library load means that either rlm_caching
wasn't found (which it was), OR a library needed by rlm_caching wasn't

  So... rlm_caching needs a library that your dynamic linker can't find.
 Where is it?

  Alan DeKok.

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