Help getting rid "Info: WARNING: Child is hung for request" message

José Manuel jmanuel.macias at
Tue Feb 9 10:31:28 CET 2010

Thanks for your response, Alan.

On 2/9/10 4:01 AM, Alan DeKok wrote:
>   The message was *changed* in that commit:

So it was previously there... My upgrade was from version 2.1.6, and
don't remember to have seen it before, but I'll check...

>   The message is generated when the child thread takes more than 5
> minutes to process a request.  This is generally considered bad.

5 minutes! Yep, for sure it's bad...

>   Find out which module is blocking. Edit the line to say:
> ...
> 			radlog(L_INFO, "WARNING: Child is hung for request %d in component %s
> module %s.",
> 			       request->number, request->component, request->module);
> ...
>   and then re-compile && re-install.

I'll do that...

>   Odds are you have a TCP issue between the RADIUS and LDAP servers.
> FreeRADIUS is calling the LDAP module, which tries to connect to LDAP
> over TCP.  If the TCP connection is down (i.e. blocked by a firewall),
> then the OS doesn't know, and neither does the LDAP module.

Perhaps I just saw correct connections when I did the -X, but am seeing
this in the logs too:

Tue Feb  9 08:42:28 2010 : Error: rlm_ldap: ldap_search() failed: LDAP
connection lost.
Tue Feb  9 08:42:28 2010 : Info: rlm_ldap: Attempting reconnect

So, I think you are right... I'll investigate this.


jose manuel.

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