Help getting rid "Info: WARNING: Child is hung for request" message

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 9 04:01:32 CET 2010

José Manuel wrote:
> I have upgraded recently one of my servers to 2.1.8 (RHEL 5), and am
> seeing thousands of messages like this in a day. It looks the message
> was introduced with patch no. 139c45b4c51c945414b53ece36bbeb42edb1b2a7
> from November 29.

  The message was *changed* in that commit:

  The message is generated when the child thread takes more than 5
minutes to process a request.  This is generally considered bad.

> I'm wondering what parameters should I tune to get these messages
> disappear (and the possible underlying problem fixed, of course). 

  Find out which module is blocking. Edit the line to say:

			radlog(L_INFO, "WARNING: Child is hung for request %d in component %s
module %s.",
			       request->number, request->component, request->module);

  and then re-compile && re-install.

  Odds are you have a TCP issue between the RADIUS and LDAP servers.
FreeRADIUS is calling the LDAP module, which tries to connect to LDAP
over TCP.  If the TCP connection is down (i.e. blocked by a firewall),
then the OS doesn't know, and neither does the LDAP module.

  Alan DeKok.

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