Resetting the status server counters

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Feb 13 08:17:29 CET 2010

Jonathan Gazeley wrote:
> I've been looking at this page[1] and I'm using a command like
> echo "Message-Authenticator = 0x00, FreeRADIUS-Statistics-Type = 1" |
> /usr/local/bin/radclient localhost:18120 status adminsecret
> to extract some numbers of processed packets, etc. Is there a way to
> send packets to the status server to reset the counters (without
> restarting radiusd?)

  Send it a HUP.

> I'm thinking of polling this command every X minutes and resetting the
> counter so I get a measure of "how many packets processed in the last X
> minutes"

  Or, use something like "munin" to do this work for you.  The latest
revision even includes scripts that work with FreeRADIUS!

  Alan DeKok.

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