Accounting queries logging just after Acct-Stop packet

Luiz Gustavo de Villa Scandelari luizgustavo at
Thu Feb 18 12:22:31 CET 2010


I have Just upgraded my freeradius to version 2.1.7 and changed the config
files in order to get it working with mysql. It´s working ok now, but
compared to the previous version (1.x.x) the accounting queries are not
logging the accounting session at radacct, as it should. After we receive an
Acct-Stop Packet the sql module logs the accounting session data to the
database, so what can I do in order to have the sql module logging just
after the Acct-Start Packet?

If you need more information please tell me that I´ll promptly send so I can
solve this problem soon.

Ps.: It´s very important to us to have accounting log data at acct-start
packets, because we use this information for some Stored Procedure that
affects another system.

Best regards,

Luiz Gustavo Scandelari
Skype: luiz.gustavo.wni

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