can't get simultaneous login to work Part 1

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 23 17:20:38 CET 2010

J Brandon Polley wrote:
> Yes I read doc/Simultaneous-Use
> what makes a session unique?

  The fields in the "radutmp" file, or the "simul_count_query" and
"simul_verify_query" in the SQL configuration.

> What does the perl script need to know from the controller?


> We may be
> able to work with the script to pull that information out. We think its
> looking through for a cisco VPN device by default and not a wireless
> controller.

  I have no idea what that means.

  It's clear you didn't follow the instructions in doc/Simultaneous-Use.
 If you had, the "session" section would have run to do simultaneous-use
checking.  It didn't run in the debug output you posted, so.... you
didn't follow the documentation.

  Alan DeKok.

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