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Wed Jul 14 05:04:02 CEST 2010

Hi Alan,

Thank you for this response. I accept of course that garbage in garbage out,
bad data is nothing the Radius can fix.

However, I thought this through and when I make the following assumptions:

- Freeradius has different SQL statements stored in its configuration for
radacct update and insert;

- It is Freeradius ' responsibility to decide whether to peform an insert or
update; and

- AcctSessionId and AcctUniqueId are unique identifiers for one session;
there should be only exactly one record for each AcctSessionId and

Then there is still something amiss with the Freeradius updates of radacct.
Even if erroneously session updates are sent in duplicate or with same or
differing information, Freeradius should not insert a new record for an
existing AcctSessionId and AcctUniqueId. Based on the above assumptions
double entries for AcctSessionId and AcctUniqueId should never occur in
radacct. Freeradius' insert/update logic should prevent that. However,
multiple entries (anything between 2 and 17 in about 1% of all cases) is
what we see in my extracts.

Any thoughts?


> Hanno Schupp wrote:
> > I am having trouble with my radacct table. Which creates some 80k entries
> > per annum. For about 1% of users it contains doubled up entries (entries
> > with same AcctSessionId and same AcctUniqueId) and also lots of entries
> with
> > the Username being empty (as opposed to either filled or Null).
>  Blame the NAS.  FreeRADIUS logs whatever the NAS sends.  If the NAS
> sends two packets that have *different* information for the same user
> session... then the NAS is broken.
> > What could cause the doubled up radacct entries and what might cause the
> > empty UserName radacct updates?
>  The NAS is sending bad data.
>  Alan DeKok.
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