expiration linked to both huntgroup and user

Chris Tong chrisinamsterdam at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 23:27:03 CEST 2010



So here's my hurdle. I have multiple groups and use hunt-groups plus
expiration time on the users for authentication. Assuming I have groups 1 &
2 how is it possible to link the expiration time to a group and the user and
not just for the user. The expiration time is set on a per user level (not
per group) which means a given user will either have access or not have
access. A user can not have access to hunt-group 1 with an expiration in 10
days as well as an access expiring in 2 hours on hunt-group B. 


I only want to have one user over the whole domain so do not want to create
multiple users and then append to the name on the incoming request and
authenticate against multiple users who are in fact the same. Is there any
other way round this problem?


Many thanks,



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