Unable to perform CHAP Authentication: after modifying client with CHAP-Password.

Santosh Kumar santosh.kb at rediffmail.com
Mon Jul 26 18:24:59 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

Need help for modifying the radius client or updating for CHAP authentication, 

Modified the below attribute, instead of PW_USER_PASSWORD to PW_CHAP_PASSWORD, but its rejecting please do know if i'm wrong or/and have to take care of any other aspect.

With PAP(PW_USER_PASSWORD)it works fine. 

Have verified by command line it works fine,

$echo "User-Name=steve,CHAP-Password=testing,Framed-Protocol=PPP" | radclient localhost:1812 auth testing123

---Code snippet--
        /*if (rc_avpair_add(rh, &send, PW_USER_PASSWORD, passwd, -1, 0) == NULL)
                return ERROR_RC;*/
        if (rc_avpair_add(rh, &send, PW_CHAP_PASSWORD, passwd, -1, 0) == NULL)
                return ERROR_RC;
         * Fill in Service-Type

        service = PW_AUTHENTICATE_ONLY;
        if (rc_avpair_add(rh, &send, PW_SERVICE_TYPE, &service, -1, 0) == NULL)
                return ERROR_RC;

        result = rc_auth(rh, 0, send, &received, msg);

--End code snippet --

Thanks in Advance

 Santosh Kumar
 Sr Software Engineer

Computers can never replace human stupidity.
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