Passing variables from inner tunnel

Alexander Clouter alex at
Wed Jul 28 14:58:46 CEST 2010


newtownz <jean466 at> wrote:
> I'm trying to pass the value of LDAP-UserDn from the inner-tunnel
> to the default server.  I have read unlang and also tried many combinations
> including update outer.control from the inner tunnel and nothing worked...
I'm pretty sure I saw this too and (was some time back) a glance over 
the source code gave me the impression that anything in the FreeRADIUS 
internal dictionary gets lost.

> Here is a debug output where we can see that the User-Dn get expanded
> correctly in the tunnel but is empty in the default server.
Just return User-Name in the reply and do a repeat LDAP query on your 
outer layer; doing a 'cn' lookup should be instantaneous...if it is not 
you have other bigger problems[1].


[1] obviously scalability and transaction time is not a problem as you 
	are Exec-Program-Wait'ing a PHP script ;)

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