Grouping similar users to profiles

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jul 29 17:35:36 CEST 2010

Natr Brazell wrote:
> I am looking for information on grouping users into profiles/groups. 
> I've searched around the FAQ's and docs but not finding a clear
> picture.  I've found how to associate a user with a group of NAS's.

  See "man rlm_passwd"  It can be used to create arbitrary groups,
including groups of users.

> Here's the scenario.  There is a specfic VSA from Juniper called
> Juniper-Local-User-Name.  This gets mapped to a locally defined profile
> on the NAS.  In the users file I have the following:
> bob.smith   Juniper-Local-User-Name = "tier3",

  What does that do?

> So to the point, rather than defining each user with the same parameters
> every time, can I create a group, for instance TIER3, and associate
> User-Name's above to the group.  And if so how or point me to some
> specific examples.
> I am using LDAP also so if there is an LDAP solution same question.  Howto?

  Put the users into an LDAP group, and use LDAP-Group checking:

DEFAULT   LDAP-Group == "tier2"
	Juniper-Deny-Commands "(show system alarms)|(show system software)"

  Alan DeKok.

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