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Thu Jun 3 21:47:00 CEST 2010

I have two users (u1 and u2) and want to use PEAP to auth them. For each user, I will return an attribute. For example, attr1 for u1  and  attr2 for u2.

An interesting thing is that, when my out-tunnel user name is "anonymous", I do not see any attribute be returned although the auth is successful. 

Further testing shows, if I use user2's name (u2) as user1's out-tunnel name and use user1's name (u1) as user2's out-tunnel name, user1 will receive attri2 and user2 will receive attr1. It seems that the server picks attributes based on the out-tunnel name, not the real user name. 

In file /etc/raddb/users, I configure users as follows:
    u1  Cleartext-Password := "p1"
          Service-Type = 6

    u2  Cleartext-Password := "p2"
          Service-Type = 4

I do not understand why. Is there anything I did not configure in the server? Thank you very much for any suggestion!
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