FR 2.1.9 Frequent SegFault, didn't happen with FR 2.1.8

James J J Hooper jjj.hooper at
Thu Jun 10 12:15:39 CEST 2010

--On Thursday, June 10, 2010 10:10:05 +0200 Alan DeKok 
<aland at> wrote:

> James J J Hooper wrote:
>> OK - GDB log attached. This is from git branch v2.1.x, up to and
>> including 0e9ae1698ba55b16b149 (Cleaned up debug output to be readable -
>> about 7 hours ago), but with c703fd595cb86f51e309 (Install cryptpasswd
>> as "radcrypt") reverted as it wouldn't 'make install' with this [see
>> note below].
>   OK.  I fixed both problems.  Thanks for tracking it down, it made the
> fix much simpler.
>   Do a 'git pull' for the v2.1.x branch, and re-build.  It should now be
> OK.

Hi Alan,
  Thanks for the swift fix - It's much happier now.


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