Change of logging behaviour in 2.1.9 (was: Version 2.1.9 has been released)

Jakob Hirsch jh at
Thu Jun 17 15:25:55 CEST 2010


Alan DeKok, 2010-05-24 12:28:
>   * re-open log file after HUP.  Closes bug #63.

Since the update to 2.1.9 a new log file is _only_ opened on HUP. Is
this behaviour intended?
Previously we just let logrotate rename the old logfile and freeradius
created a new radius.log. I'm aware that it is not very efficient to do
open/write/close all the time, but it just worked [tm].

Is the only possibility to reopen the log file now to send HUP to the
server? I don't feel very comfortable with this. The server reloads the
config, modules and whatnot. I think this is not something that one
wants to do in a daily, unattended process. Isn't there any other, less
intrusive method to tell freeradius to reopen the log file? (besides a
restart, of course)


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