PEAP - AD Disabled

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Have you checked the certificate? That's one major difference. ntlm-auth is the auth after the cert conversation in PEAP is done.

Maybe a radiusd -X log to help us along?

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I've had a working config with the following for the past month.

PEAP->Local Users File

After a month running everything perfectly, 3 days ago the "PEAP-AD" portion of the AAA failed. This is for wireless auth.

Strangely, I can still auth from the CLI using ntlm_auth and wbinfo. So it appears as if the Samba connection to the AD is fine. Nothing has changed config wise between then and now, and I haven't found any interesting log information. You just get a "Login incorrect" when you try to login via PEAP->AD. Everything else is verified as working.

Aside from Freeradius itself, what are the differences between using ntlm_auth via CLI and via Freeradius?

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