Help on passing parameter to exec

Pham Trung Nghia nghia.pham at
Wed Nov 3 16:32:42 CET 2010

Hey. Thanks for your quick reply,
> Are you sure there isn't some variable which is different in the auth
> requests? Service-Type for example?
The NAS is OpenVPN. Last I check, it only sends a username, a password, 
the NAS indentifier and the Service Type. They are identical though, 
even the Service-Type.
If you or someone else have experience with FreeRADIUS and OpenVPN, can 
you point me to the right direction? The guy at live chat support in 
OpenVPN weren't very helpful.
> You may be able to use an SQL database to store Session-Timeout in
> "post-auth", then retrieve it in "pre-acct", provided there is a value
> common between the auth and accounting packets.
Well, I am going to do that or store them in a file if there is no other 
choice. Would you kindly tell me if there's a easy way or do I have to 
write a script (Shell or Perl) to manually do this?

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