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when running configure, lots of somewhat important messages scroll by, 
like "silently disabling something you need" :-)

An untrained eye may miss these easily, leading to confusion afterwards 
(I'm currently running a lecture on RADIUS, and pretty much all of my 
students took their time figuring out that they need openssl-devel for 
PEAP to work etc.).

I think it would generally make sense to put a summary output of 
configure at the end of its run, so that one can easily see which 
modules will be disabled.

In an acute case of bash script fiddling, I created the attached proof 
of concept "" script, which recursively goes through all 
config.log files and

a) greps all lines with WARNING
b) greps all lines with "silently not building"

and puts these out in massaged human-readable form. Would something like 
this have any chances of getting included into the tarball? It could run 
as the very last thing in configure...


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