configure output summary

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 17 16:48:52 CET 2010

Stefan Winter wrote:
> when running configure, lots of somewhat important messages scroll by,
> like "silently disabling something you need" :-)

  Well... yes.

> An untrained eye may miss these easily, leading to confusion afterwards
> (I'm currently running a lecture on RADIUS, and pretty much all of my
> students took their time figuring out that they need openssl-devel for
> PEAP to work etc.).

  If it doesn't do SSL, the server prints out large warnings when you
first start it in debugging mode.

> I think it would generally make sense to put a summary output of
> configure at the end of its run, so that one can easily see which
> modules will be disabled.

  See the "MODULES" entry in the top-level "" file.  That
contains the list of modules which the server tries to build.

  The "OPENSSL_LIBS" entry in the same file also shows whether or not
OpenSSL is enable.  If it's empty, there's no OpenSSL.

> In an acute case of bash script fiddling, I created the attached proof
> of concept "" script, which recursively goes through all
> config.log files and
> a) greps all lines with WARNING
> b) greps all lines with "silently not building"

  "grep -R" is a Linux-ism. :(  I still like portable code.

> and puts these out in massaged human-readable form. Would something like
> this have any chances of getting included into the tarball? It could run
> as the very last thing in configure...

  Much simpler, and much less work:

- print out MODULES line from ""
- look for "OPENSSL_LIBS".  If it's not there, warn that PEAP, etc.
  will be disabled.

  The only real issue is that the list of modules to build is *large*.
So people might still ignore it when it's being printed out.  But some
simple processing / pretty-printing might make it easier to read.

  Alan DeKok.

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