FreeRadius crashed on loading test.

Konstantin Chekushin koch2 at
Wed Sep 15 11:46:40 CEST 2010

 Quoting *Alan DeKok <aland at>*:
> Konstantin Chekushin wrote:
>  > I've started
>  > ./radius -xxx -f
>    "radius"?  Not "radiusd"?  And why not "radiusd -X" as documented
>  *everywhere* ?
 -X = -sfxx -l stdout . But, I didn't wanted single mode for my
 loading test. So I used "./radiusd -xxx -f" (the letter was missed in
 a previous mail)
 And I've used -xxx to make my my own debug3 visible with timestamp
 (without changing your log.c).
 In fact, your logging architecture logic is rather strange. But this
 is another topic.
>  > I've prepared huge file with auth requests for sending:
>    Which no one asked for, and isn't necessary.
>  > my module process requests too slow (I will discover this
> problem in few
>  > days, this is mysql-db-cluster issues), but this test causes
> radiusd
>  > segmentation fault. I've grabbed the core and look what it
> shows:
>    This should be fixed in 2.1.10.
 Good. Thanks for the answer.
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