the WARNING message when client doesn't respond any more...

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Wed Sep 29 15:21:56 CEST 2010

  ... that went into 2.1.10 is a great piece of functionality, and can 
help a lot in debugging.

However, it would be even more useful if this information made it into 
radius.log (since otherwise it won't surface unless in debugging mode), 
sth like:

Auth: Login ABORTED: [userfoo] (from client bar-v4 port 19181) ceased 
EAP conversation prematurely.

Our helpdesk (and we're certainly not the only ones) would appreciate if 
we could easily figure out and say: "Your client software apparently 
doesn't like us. Go away and configure it according to the 
documentation!" Of course the information in the middle of an EAP 
session is incomplete (no inner identity!), but if at least the outer 
identity and Calling-Station-Id could be logged alongside, that would be 

(I guess it's asked too much get a handle for this situation and get the 
ability to execute custom SQL statements for that... right?)


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