the WARNING message when client doesn't respond any more...

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Sep 29 15:55:07 CEST 2010

Stefan Winter wrote:
>  ... that went into 2.1.10 is a great piece of functionality, and can
> help a lot in debugging.
> However, it would be even more useful if this information made it into
> radius.log (since otherwise it won't surface unless in debugging mode),
> sth like:
> Auth: Login ABORTED: [userfoo] (from client bar-v4 port 19181) ceased
> EAP conversation prematurely.

  Sure.  Send a patch. :)

  The issue is that it's annoying to check this for every single EAP

> Our helpdesk (and we're certainly not the only ones) would appreciate if
> we could easily figure out and say: "Your client software apparently
> doesn't like us. Go away and configure it according to the
> documentation!" Of course the information in the middle of an EAP
> session is incomplete (no inner identity!), but if at least the outer
> identity and Calling-Station-Id could be logged alongside, that would be
> great.


> (I guess it's asked too much get a handle for this situation and get the
> ability to execute custom SQL statements for that... right?)

  That would require a lot more work.  The message appears at a time
when the request is marked "done", and is no longer being processed.

  Alan DeKk.

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