Freeradius on lenny doesn't permit mschap auth

David Dumortier d.dumortier at
Fri Jan 14 16:08:49 CET 2011

Le Fri Jan 14 2011 à 02:13:04PM +0100, Alexandre dit :
> David,
> I think you really are taking it the wrong way.

I'm upset about my problem and not english speaker. I'm reading docs
many times about a subject I don't understand quite good.
I reacted a bit angrily, my apologizes.

> Advices given by Alan are good ones. There's no point feeling offended
> by an email... it's even quite ridiculous (don't be offended).
> For Lenny there is absolutely no pb building a nice package from
> sources or even use backports repository which are officialy supported
> by debian nowadays.

I don't deny the value of anybody. I have some constraints on my
installation and have to fit them. I prefer a "I don't know" than a
"you're deaf".

> I suggest you follow what people say here:
> -upgrade using your fav method

I can *not*

> -follow the steps presented in documentation.

file raddb/modules/ntlm_auth doesn't exist (the directory modules
doesn't either). So I added 
ntlm_auth = "/usr/bin/ntlm_auth ..." in the mschap on radiusd.conf
As I understand I have to send an mschap request because my radtest
version doesn't, right ?

As other problem DEFAULT     Auth-Type = ntlm_auth  is not recognize
in users file because section is not define.

I think the 2 problems are linked but cannot find a doc about this
damn 2.0.4 version that explain how to create the "module".

> Regards.

Best regards,
David Dumortier

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