Freeradius on lenny doesn't permit mschap auth

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jan 14 16:52:06 CET 2011

David Dumortier wrote:
>> -follow the steps presented in documentation.
> file raddb/modules/ntlm_auth doesn't exist (the directory modules
> doesn't either).

  Because you're running an old version.

  With all due respect, nothing prevents you from downloading 2.1.10,
and *not* installing it.  Read the examples && config.  Many will still
work in 2.0.4.

> So I added 
> ntlm_auth = "/usr/bin/ntlm_auth ..." in the mschap on radiusd.conf
> As I understand I have to send an mschap request because my radtest
> version doesn't, right ?

  <sigh>  This questions has been answered repeatedly in previous messages.

> As other problem DEFAULT     Auth-Type = ntlm_auth  is not recognize
> in users file because section is not define.

  Because you didn't follow the documentation.

> I think the 2 problems are linked but cannot find a doc about this
> damn 2.0.4 version that explain how to create the "module".

  For what you're doing, there are *very* few differences between 2.0.4
and 2.1.10.  The examples, documentation, and "howtos" still largely apply.

  There's nothing preventing you from *installing* a test version of
2.1.10.  Then, configuring that to work.  And once it works, figuring
out how to apply that configuration to 2.0.4.

  Installing a test version of 2.1.10 would have been *less* work than
arguing on this list.  Go do it now, and stop complaining about the

  Alan DeKok.

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