Freeradius on lenny doesn't permit mschap auth

David Dumortier d.dumortier at
Mon Jan 17 10:40:44 CET 2011

Le Mon Jan 17 2011 à 10:13:56AM +0100, Bjørn Mork dit :
> Fabien COMBERNOUS <fcombernous at> writes:


> So?  You've painted yourself into an unsupportable environment. The
> polite thing to do would be to state this when asking, to avoid wasting
> everyones time.
> Noone really cares whether it's stupidity on an individual or an
> enterprise level.

Please, my intention was not to produce a flamewar. It is the first
time it happen for me and make me unconfortable. I probably
misunderstood some terms in mails and was probably misunderstood in my
What I seek on this list is your expertise on freeradius to solve a
problem that I described. Think I have some problem with english and
freeradius (it is the first time I deal with freeradius and all these
strange words as mschap and eap and ... ;-) )
I'm ready to make many efforts to solve my problems, but I cannot
without your help, please be clear on explanation as I'm a newby in
this area. (for exemple the idea of made another server to have the
mschap string was not clear in the begginning for me).

> Bjørn

Beside our past disagreement, thank you for your help.
David Dumortier

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