Freeradius on lenny doesn't permit mschap auth

David Dumortier d.dumortier at
Mon Jan 17 10:20:00 CET 2011

Le Mon Jan 17 2011 à 09:29:47AM +0100, Fabien COMBERNOUS dit :
> On 14/01/2011 23:47, Alan DeKok wrote:
>> Fabien COMBERNOUS wrote:
> [...]
>>> David is not bridling but just remember his constraints.
>>    They are *his* constraints.  If he can't even install a version of
>> 2.1.10 in order to run "radtest" which can do MS-CHAP, then those
>> constraints are ridiculous.
> Even if he have to consider them, perhaps he thinks like you. :)

To resume to be in a distribution make easy security updates. I wait
squeeze in hurry (perhaps before the end of my radius project ;-) ).

> In a complex environment to change a piece of software can have  
> unexpected consequences. And so to change it, it demands long testing  
> procedures for several teams. I already worked in this kind of  
> environment. And you have to give good reasons enough to make a  
> modification of the setup.
> If it is impossible to do what it is necessary, a help for him is  
> probably to provide the good reasons of the modification of his  
> setup.Only blaming the person is not useful in my opinion. How ever, i  
> understand that you don't want to loose your time.

Thanks for my defense. But I consider the flame closed. And I
understand too the lake of time for everyone.

I will try to find a mschap string with a second installation on a
second server. After that I will see and tell the result here. I
expect to have some other questions about the differences beetween the
2 versions but I hope it will be ok.

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