Freeradius2 + Daloradius

Samuel abeka at
Thu Jan 20 13:58:20 CET 2011

Please can someone shed  light on what I must have done wrong.
I have Freeradius 2 installed on Centos 5.5 with Mysql 5 and added 
Daloradius 0.9-8 as a frontend.
All seem OK except that I get an error with the radius logs. Daloradius 
claims /var/log/radius/radius.log does not exist but it is there.
Dolaradius was looking originally for /var/log/freeradius/radius.log. I 
have made changes in the ~/library/exten-radius_log.php file to look for 
/var/log/radius/radius.log yet no success.  Has anyone got a solution 
please ?



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