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Thanks again to everyone and their input. I was able to get the server to run after importing the database. The database itself has been in production for some time, I was very skeptical about changing the DB so I decided to edit the calls that FreeRADIUS runs on the DB itself which worked out very well indeed. One thing I noticed that it seems in the change in the DB was the name itself (truncated from "freeradius" to just "radius) and id in some tables was changed to priority?

So far so good either way, it's working well and radius -X returns no errors :-)


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> I have a curious question though. Since the current version is 
> substantially older than what we’re moving to, how will this affect 
> the sql database? Will I be able to install the newest version of 
> FreeRADIUS and just perform a mysql dump from the old server to the 
> new one?

  It will depend on your current schema.  The queries used by FreeRADIUS could have be customized.  Even if they haven't been customized, it is possible the default changed between version.

  If they are different, you will need to move the queries from the config of your old server, and incorporate them into the config of the the new FreeRADIUS install.  If the queries are the same, then you can just copy the database.

> Thanks in advance,
> -Tim


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