Question on Virtual Servers and inner-tunnel

Brett Littrell Blittrell at
Wed Jan 26 16:25:42 CET 2011

Hi All,
    You guys really explained it well, appreciate it.  I really wanted to know to try and get an idea of how this works and figure out the best way to set this up and clarifying that really helped.  
    And yes I did get Gary joking and I do not mind a little eldow in the ribs joking, just as long as he does not mind pay backs in other email..HeHe:)  I do appreciate Alex popping is on my behalf as well, it is nice to see someone out there helping out the new guys.
    Anyway, I think I have enough info to do some damage, hopefully I won't spam the list with to many more questions:)  
    FYI: You guys are great, and I think I speak for everyone new to freeradius that we appreciate your help.
    PS:  What is up with Garys email?  or is it my threaded view?  Gary's email keeps popping up as a new email and not as a threaded response?

Brett Littrell
Network Manager
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