Question on Virtual Servers and inner-tunnel

Alexander Clouter alex at
Wed Jan 26 17:48:31 CET 2011

Brett Littrell <Blittrell at> wrote:
> PS: What is up with Garys email?  or is it my threaded view?  Gary's 
> email keeps popping up as a new email and not as a threaded response?
I guess corporate policy is to use a broken email client as well as an 
SMTP server that adds a 'legally-holds-no-water' disclaimer.

The last mail client I saw doing this was Novell Groupwise <shudder/>

Incase you did not know, if you look at the headers for the other emails 
here, you will see a 'References' line, that is what makes threading's also the tell tell sign when folk hit 'Reply' rather than 
'Compose' when they want to post a *new* thread to the mailing list.

Now if you fix your email client for text/plain only... :)


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