Include directive for separate ippool configs not working

Tom De Vylder tom at
Mon Jul 4 10:02:46 CEST 2011

On 01 Jul 2011, at 19:44, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Tom De Vylder wrote:
>> I'd like to integrate freeradius into a config management framework.
>> In order for this to work with multiple ippool instances I've decided to create a ippool.d/ directory containing several config files.
>  Those files are... ?  That information might help.


ippool main_pool {
            range-start =
            range-stop =
            [ ... ]
    ippool secondary_pool {
            range-start =
            range-stop =
            [ ... ]

Source:, section custom configuration.

>> Loading the config files itself is not a problem, however placement of the include statement is.
>  Uh... no.  The $INCLUDE statement includes the files or directory you
> name, in the place of the $INCLUDE statement.

According to the log file it doesn't look that way. So I assumed it wasn't the case.
Hence the question.

>> I've tried to put the following line in several places: 
>> $INCLUDE /etc/freeradius/ippool.d/
>> E.g.: 
>> - At the end of modules {},
>> - Below a working ippool main_pool {}, which resides inside modules {}
>> - Inside instantiate {}
>> - authorize {)
>> - ...
>> Nothing seems to work.
>  Wonderful.  You didn't follow the existing examples or documentation,
> and you tried a bunch of random things in the hope that they might work.

Being all-knowing as you are you also should've know I actually did rtfm.
Couldn't find anything useful and indeed tried a bunch of random things, thankyouverymuch.

>  Each module configuration goes into the "modules" section.  This is
> documented, and numerous examples are given.  There are even examples of
> configuring multiple instances of a module.  There are even examples of
> *using* multiple instances of a module.

Judging by the look of radiusd.conf and the examples there I wouldn't even guess needing multiple instances of ippool.
See example above. Both ip pools are configured in a single instance in a single module{} section.

What I wanted to accomplish was to simply split both ippool $name {} sections into a separate ippool-$name.conf file.

>  So...  Are you including the module configuration in the correct place?

Yes I am.
It's in the log file I've included in my initial mail.

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