FreeRadius 2.1.10 with Oracle support under Fedora 14

Fajar A. Nugraha list at
Tue Jul 5 13:55:37 CEST 2011

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 6:13 PM, Aurélien Lafranchise
<aurelien_lafranchise at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> It might be redondant with another but slightly different.
> I have installed FreeRadius thanks to yum over Fedora 14. Everything went
> fine and was working fine until I need to add the Oracle support to have the
> accounting working with on Oracle database.
> When I needed LDAP support I installed the package freeradius-ldap.x86_64.
> Unfortunately I can't find the same for Oracle and I don't think it is
> already installed in the basic package.
> When I configured sql.conf and activate in site-available/default the
> accounting sql section I get this error :
> /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default[393]: Failed to load module "sql".
> /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default[360]: Errors parsing accounting section.
> Could you help me to find a solution ?
> Cheers
> Aurélien

Short version, you need to compile oracle support yourself. There
won't be any distro ship with freeradius-oracle due to lincense issue
(well, except Oracle Linux, if they want to).

What's wrong the 2.1.11 that you compiled earlier?


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