Error with AD/freeradius config

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Not sure if that was intended for OP or myself, but I went to check it out and it wants me to login.  I did with my fb, but then it wanted "access" to stuff I don't want to share - so I can't read it.

In my case I use (currently) ntlm_auth exclusively, so setting the default to that doesn't bother me - much....  At some point I'll need to do some LDAP stuff, which then I'm sure it will bother me more.


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I don't think you need braces and such, this is not as much an auth type as a method

Try just a single line that reads: ntlm_auth

Also, I actually had to set my default auth-type to ntlm_auth.  You know the part where it says "...for testing only..".  in the users file?  But, I had to leave it in or it would never call ntlm_auth and hence to logins would work.


See here *sigh*:

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