Trying multiple realms

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Jul 27 17:24:48 CEST 2011

Charles Plater wrote:
> If I'm reading raddb/proxy.conf correctly home_server_pool allows for
> fail-over and load-balancing configurations.


> In my case I was to try the
> same credentials against multiple servers.

  RADIUS doesn't do that.  It's a *terrible* idea.

> What I'm looking at doing is to retry failed proxy attempts locally. Is
> this possible?

  *Please* use the correct terminology.  Do you mean "failed", as in
"failed to get a response", or "rejected", as in "received a reject packet"?

  If you use vague terminology, it's impossible to help you.

  The server treats rejects as being definitive.  Changing them later to
accepts is wrong and broken.  Fix your design so that you send the
packets to the correct server.

  Alan DeKok.

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