Load Balancing FreeRADIUS with CLUSTERIP

Randy Wilson randyedwilson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 18:07:40 CET 2011


Does anyone have any experience of load balancing two or more FreeRADIUS
servers using the iptables CLUSTERIP target?

For those unaware, it allows a single IP address to be assigned to multiple
servers. A multicast MAC address is used so that the traffic is forwarded to
each server, then iptables uses hashing to determine if the receiving server
should handle the traffic. The hashing can be based on the source IP, the
source IP and destination port, or the source IP and both source and
destination ports.

I have a pair of FreeRADIUS servers that are backed by a four node MySQL
Cluster. The FreeRADIUS servers are used by our peers in a primary/secondary
configuration, and the secondary only ever receives requests if the primary
is unavailable. This results in the secondary server idling 99.99% of the
time. I'm considering assigning a CLUSTERIP to the servers so we can make
full use of the resources. Does anyone see any potential issues of using
this with FreeRADIUS or know of any caveats I should be aware of?

I have some production SMTP and FTP clusters that are load balanced in a
similar way, with Pacemaker handling the failover, that have been running
quite well for over a year.


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