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It's not anywhere in the config files, but I did find where RedHat hid the doc/* files.  There's a /usr/share/doc/freeradius-2.1.7/configurable_failover that looks like what I need.  Goes into some decent detail, too.


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I'm pretty sure this is discussed, examples, etc in the doc: online and in FR conf files. Sorry I don't have exact location handy, but I'm sure its there.

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One of my virtual servers uses LDAP auth.  However, it isn't clear to me if modules/ldap can be configured with a secondary LDAP server, should the primary fail to respond.  The group that provides the LDAP server can't set up multiple servers behind a load balancer due to cert issues, so I'm looking for a way to add a failover LDAP server to the RADIUS configuration.

What's the easiest/best/recommended way to do something like this?  Can modules/ldap be configured this way, or should I create a modules/ldap2 (or similar) and call it somehow?

Suggestions welcome.


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