CHAP problem with PPPoE server

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Mar 9 08:33:00 CET 2011

Paul Thornton wrote:
> I've got a problem which I now know isn't FreeRADIUS misbehaving but
> seems to be some CHAP-related issue, but I can't see what.  With
> advanced apologies for being somewhat off-topic, I'm wondering if anyone
> has any ideas?

  It isn't a CHAP issue.  Read the debug output.  There's no CHAP in the

> In my test setup, all attempts to use CHAP or MSCHAP-v2 for
> authentication fail, basically because there is no CHAP challenge or
> password sent with the Access-Request.  Not unreasonably, the radius
> server rejects the request:

  No.  The request has no CHAP or MS-CHAP attributes in it.  So of
*course* authentication fails.  You can't authenticate someone if they
don't supply authentication credentials.

> I've also set up a FreeBSD PPPoE server to check that this wasn't a
> client-side problem;

  It's the fault of the RADIUS client.  RADIUS clients decide what goes
into a request.  If the request is missing something, blame the client.

> Has anyone had a similar problem or can suggest anything?  I've been
> going around in circles here all day and ended up going nowhere.

  Fix the PPP server so that it works.  This isn't a FreeRADIUS problem.

  Alan DeKok.

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