CHAP problem with PPPoE server

Paul Thornton prt at
Wed Mar 9 11:03:05 CET 2011

Hi Alan

Alan DeKok wrote:

>   It isn't a CHAP issue.  Read the debug output.  There's no CHAP in the
> request.

Apologies, perhaps I didn't make it clear in my original mail - I agree
with everything you've said - the server is doing exactly as it is told
and this isn't a FreeRADIUS problem.

>   Fix the PPP server so that it works.

This is the part that is the mystery.  There seems to be scarce
information out there about how pppd functions when using radius as a
back end (apart from it should 'just work') - most of the documentation
about pppd relates to dial-up as a ppp client or a server without using

I thought this list was exactly the sort of place that people who may
have come across a similar issue could be found.  Sorry for the noise if
that isn't the case.


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