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Sven Hartge sven at
Mon Mar 21 23:49:41 CET 2011

Usuário do Sistema <maiconlp at> wrote:

> Hello everyone, I'm dificult with freeradius and LDAP.

> the user autheticate only it's work when I put in the user file
> User-Password clear text as follow.

> "maicon.pereira"        Cleartext-Password := "meleca"
>                        Reply-Message = "Hello, %{User-Name}"
> however, my integration between Freeradius and Ldap it isn't working.

> My question is: there is possible to make the intragation?? because
> I've read that freeradius needs supply to ldap User-Password clear
> text.

> it's true ??

That depends. If you want to use _any_ Challenge-Handshake auth method
like MSCHAPv2 for wireless LAN you need to supply a cleartext password.

If you only want to use PAP, you can keep using ldap_bind() and an
encrypted/hashed password.

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