Need help with Freeradius and 802.1X

johnboy68 tripleadad68 at
Wed Nov 2 15:08:58 CET 2011

I have ntlm_auth working.  I can auth my AD users with this command:

radtest -t mschap aduser aspassword localhost 0 testing123

And it works.  

My problem is when I configure one of my Cisco switches to do 802.1x and
authenticate with Freeradius my Windows (Windows 7 and Vista) machines fail
to get authorized with the Windows supplicant.  I am running Freeradius in
debug mode and have tried to trace down where it is failing on my own but
since I have no experience in this area I am just chasing my tail.  Is it a
problem with PEAP, EAP, TLS?  Do I need a certificate?  I just don't know
and if I did I wouldn't know how to configure it.  I have not been able to
find any conclusive documentation in this area.

I could put the output here of what Freeradius outputs during a connection
attempt but I since I am testing this in our production environment, I don't
want to put that kind of information out in a public forum.

Any thoughts?

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