Simultaneous-Use Checking with FreeRadius + MYSQL

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Nov 8 22:49:33 CET 2011

Erik wrote:
> I've been going in circles for days on how to come up with a
> workaround to get simultaneous-use checking working on my FreeRadius +
> PEAP MSCHAPv2 deployment.  I have read through seemingly all of the
> posts...  I suspect certain areas which might be causing the problem:
> 1) my NAS does not seem to be sending accounting information.  The
> radacct table is empty & this is also visible in the debugs.  There is
> no area to set up RADIUS accounting on the NAS (it's a cheap netgear)
> and it doesn't appear to send accounting packets by default.

  The Simultaneous-Use checks won't work.

> 2) "" is not being called automatically when no accounting
> data is being returned by "simul_count_query".  I have the NAS type
> set to "cisco" to trigger for troubleshooting purposes,
> but it doesn't seem to do any good.

  Because the cheap NAS (a) isn't a Cisco box, and (b) doesn't support
the protocols needed by checkrad.

> First of all - is it possible to do simultaneous-use checking if the
> NAS doesn't send radius accounting packets?  Can the radius server
> somehow autonomously keep track of this without packets from the NAS?

  No.  It's impossible.

> If not, is there another application which will fulfill this function?

  Reflash the NAS so that it has a firmware which supports this feature.

>  Do I need to move to radutmp?


> ==========================================
> RELEVANT CONFIGURATIONS (some output omitted):

  Nothing in the documentation says to post the configuration.  We don't
need it.

  Alan DeKok.

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