Simultaneous-Use Checking with FreeRadius + MYSQL

Erik heidebock at
Tue Nov 8 23:11:57 CET 2011

thanks for the response...

>  Because the cheap NAS (a) isn't a Cisco box, and (b) doesn't support
> the protocols needed by checkrad.

wouldn't you at least see checkrad initiate in the freeradius -X debug
if I set the NAS type to cisco?  I was just trying to get it to
initiate, not expecting it to work.  In the debug, it doesn't even
come up.  I've read in prior posts where you said that checkrad should
initiate regardless if the radutmp or mysql modules were used.

>  Reflash the NAS so that it has a firmware which supports this feature.
which feature(s)?  RADIUS accounting, SNMP, finger, or rusers?  Your
guidance here would really help so I can make sure I acquire
appropriate NAS' in the future.
Generally, is there any way to get simultaneous-use to work if a given
NAS doesn't send accounting packets to the radius server?  3rd party

thanks, I appreciate your help.


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