Simultaneous-Use Checking with FreeRadius + MYSQL

Erik heidebock at
Wed Nov 9 16:56:47 CET 2011

>  Are you looking for additional problems, or are you trying to solve
> the original issue?

I'm trying to understand exactly what's happening & was wondering why
checkrad wasn't being called.  If I get a NAS which does SNMP, for
example, I wanted to know that checkrad would work in a predictable

>  Fix one thing at a time.  There's a good reason checkrad isn't run.
> The reason is documented.
Could you maybe point me to the document? I've read through alot of
them including
Remember, I've set the NAS to cisco but checkrad still isn't being triggered.

I'll quote some of your previous posts:
 ADK: " If you've configured Simultaneous-Use, then there should be
*something* about checkrad in the output. "

I don't see anything relating to checkrad in the debug output.

ADK:  "Checkrad is called because the server may not have received
accounting data."

My accounting table is empty, hence nothing is received, yet checkrad
is not being called (at least there's nothing in the debug).

>  Buy a NAS which costs more than $50.  You get what you pay for.
>  The NAS should support SNMP.

So I take it you're saying get a NAS with RADIUS accounting, if
possible - if not, get one which is SNMP enabled.

>  I already gave you my opinion.  Do you think asking again will change
> it?  Do you think I was lying to you the first time?

You gave me your opinion, and I was wondering if someone else may have
a different one (like the guy using exec-program-wait) - I suppose I
should have made it clear I wasn't asking you the same question again.



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