Simultaneous-Use Checking with FreeRadius + MYSQL

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 9 17:08:05 CET 2011

Erik wrote:
> I'm trying to understand exactly what's happening & was wondering why
> checkrad wasn't being called.  If I get a NAS which does SNMP, for
> example, I wanted to know that checkrad would work in a predictable
> fashion.

  It does.  It works.  See "man checkrad".

> I'll quote some of your previous posts:
>  ADK: " If you've configured Simultaneous-Use, then there should be
> *something* about checkrad in the output. "
> I don't see anything relating to checkrad in the debug output.

  For the reasons outlined in "man checkrad".

> ADK:  "Checkrad is called because the server may not have received
> accounting data."

  Since you haven't given the *context* for that comment, I have no idea
what it means.

> My accounting table is empty, hence nothing is received, yet checkrad
> is not being called (at least there's nothing in the debug).

  Checkrad is called to double-check duplicate logins.

> So I take it you're saying get a NAS with RADIUS accounting, if
> possible - if not, get one which is SNMP enabled.

  That's what I thought I said.

> You gave me your opinion, and I was wondering if someone else may have
> a different one (like the guy using exec-program-wait) - I suppose I
> should have made it clear I wasn't asking you the same question again.

  The guy using exec-program-wait for Simultaneous-Use was doing
something different.  That was clear from his post.

  Alan DeKok.

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