Radius Server Doesn't Communicate AP

Tim Sylvester tim.sylvester at networkradius.com
Mon Oct 3 00:17:35 CEST 2011

Step 1. Try pinging the AP from the CentOS box. If that doesn't work, then
you definitely have a network problem.

Step 2. Disable the firewall on the CentOS box (/etc/init.d/iptables stop).
Then try pinging the CentOS box from the AP and then pinging the AP from the
CentOS box. If that works, then try RADIUS from the AP again.

Step 3. If ping works but RADIUS doesn't then run tcpdump on the CentOS box
to see if AP is sending RADIUS packets to the CentOS box. # tcpdump host <IP
address of the AP>


Try these three things. If you still have problems, then send the results of
these tests to the list. My guess is that the firewall is running on the
CentOS box. The default configuration for CentOS and RHEL is to have the
firewall enabled and blocking RADIUS - UDP ports 1812-1813.





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Ok, first of all, not everybody has the resources to afford an "expert" to
do something...
besides, this is a university project, is not something that im doing for a
company or something, hence im not getting an expert...thats the reason im
in a forum, this is what they are for...otherwise i would have got an expert
and not posting in forums

anyway...if someone wants to help me...this is what i got

my router is a ENHWI-N3, i've got its firewall disabled
it's got DHCP server enabled, wan //dinamic ip address
Lan// subnet mask
i tried to ping Centos ip adress from the AP but is
but when i do the ping to it's alive
so the radius server should it be or

In clients.conf i have

client {

secret = xxxx
nastype= other     

i did a nc -zu 192.168.01 1800 1820 and 1812 its working fine its succeeded 
and i did it for too and its fine.

so..this is it...i appreciate if someone could tell me what could it be

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