Radius Server Doesn't Communicate AP

yzy-oui-fi yzy-oui-fi at hotmail.fr
Mon Oct 3 02:22:16 CEST 2011

Le dimanche 02 octobre 2011 à 22:03 +0000, Alejandro Moreno a écrit :
> Ok, first of all, not everybody has the resources to afford an
> "expert" to do something...
> besides, this is a university project, is not something that im doing
> for a company or something, hence im not getting an expert...thats the
> reason im in a forum, this is what they are for...otherwise i would
> have got an expert and not posting in forums
> anyway...if someone wants to help me...this is what i got
> my router is a ENHWI-N3, i've got its firewall disabled
> it's got DHCP server enabled, wan //dinamic ip address
> Lan// subnet mask
> i tried to ping Centos ip adress from the AP but is
> unreachable
> but when i do the ping to it's alive
- doing a ping to will always reply from any devices(in your
case the ENHWI-N3).
- LAN IP with subnte allow you to communicate with local ip
from to is out of range, so it
sounds logical to not havae any reply from ping! change your AP IP to
something like will help you to get reply from your radius
> so the radius server should it be or
> In clients.conf i have
> client {
> secret = xxxx
> nastype= other     
> }
> i did a nc -zu 192.168.01 1800 1820 and 1812 its working fine its
> succeeded 
> and i did it for too and its fine.
> so..this is it...i appreciate if someone could tell me what could it
> be wrong..
> -
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