Trying to configure Cisco WLC 5500 for radius auth

Jefferson Davis jdavis at
Wed Oct 5 16:49:25 CEST 2011

Hi all, 

Trying to configure our cisco WLC's to play nice with freeradius... Looking for some pointers to get the two of them talking. Will have windows, linux, and personal devices like smartphones connecting, though I suspect the bulk will be smartphones. I would rather not hand out the PSK to users as I know this will get loose. 

I have set up a WLAN for this but it does not seem to be talking to freeradius. Will the traffic be coming from the WLC or the designated WLAN for the SSID? 

Would very much appreciate any pointers. I've got it working as far as authenticating my switches and routers. Saved us probably $10k plus. 


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