Dynamic Attributes Based on NAS Type !

Stefan A. a.freeradius at premit.de
Sun Oct 9 17:16:56 CEST 2011

> Alan wrote:
> > What would you recommend to do, if your client is a proxy server?
>   No.  Don't send policies back.
>   You don't control the NAS.  So you have no business sending it
> NAS-specific policies.

I never talked about sending policies to the NAS.
The question was, what would be the recommendation, if the RADIUS client is
a RADIUS Proxy server (..in between the original NAS and my FR...)
In that case, "%{client:nas_type}" won't work, because it would always be
the same (... proxy server....)

Would one use "%{NAS-ID}" instead of "%{client:nas_type}"?


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